Rapid Goals Coach Edition
Here is What You Get:
  •  Client Overview: See how each of your clients is doing, if they’re on-track or not, and when they last logged in. 
  •  Detailed Client Habit Tracker: See the progress of each of their habits to understand their unique situation
  • One-on-One Chat
  •  functionality: Help them, or congratulate them on their progress, or just catch up!
  •  In-built email notifications: If some clients are not logging in, the system will reach out to them via email.
  •  View profiles & easily reach out to clients via Line or phone calls: For those clients that really need it – reach out to them personally! 
* Manage up to 10 clients simultaneously Add US$100 for every additional 10 clients, 
up to a maximum of 50 clients.
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